Guatemala Missions Trip

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Our Missionaries

 Phyllis Hall -Uganda, East Africa 

Noel Shrivnauth -Guyan

David Cloud -Way of Life Literature

Peter Chamberland -New Hampshire Church Plant

George & Bobbie Kinsey -South Africa

Wayne & Sue Fair -Papua, New Guinea

Jimmy & Sharon Watson -New Mexico

Lewis & Judy Young -Papua, New Guinea

Annonymous Missionary in China

Justin & Grace Hayes -Spain

John & Christa Boylston -Pohnpei

Clarence & Leslie Moore -Church helps in US and Canada

JB & Linda Godfrey -BIMI

Russell & Kimberly Snoddy -Angola, Africa

Matthew & Sachiyo Starin -Japan

Matt & Katie Northcutt -Siberia

Tom & Addie Rooney -England


Other Ministries Supported by Yearly Love Offerings

Hepzibah House

Virginia Assembly of Independant Baptists  



The Lalmans