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Special Events

                                                 First Sunday Friend Day Fellowship                                                     Held on the first Sunday of each month with

modified service schedule.


              Church Anniversary                  

Old Fashioned Homecoming Celebration

with “Dinner on the Grounds” June (TBA)


                                                          Vacation Bible School                                                                                                               Held in June (TBA)                                                             

Monday-Friday evenings 6:oo-8:30pm

* ​

                                               Parade Evangelism Outreach                                                        

Church-wide outreach and distribution of 5,000-7,000 Gospel Tracts

during Scottsville’s Independence Day Parade


Teen Summer Camp

The Wild’s in Brevard, NC                   

Mission’s Conference August/September

Special Speaker: John O’Malley, President of

World Wide New Testament Baptist Missions


Thanksgiving Pie & Praise Service

Held on the Tuesday evening before Thanksgiving

Christmas Fellowship & Children’s Christmas Party


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